Syllabus for CIS 1166

Course Title: Mathematical Concepts in Computing I

Instructor: Alireza Jolfaei

Office Hours: Mondays and Fridays 11am-1pm

TA: Xue Wang (002), Yifan Wu (004).

Course Text: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 7th Edition", Kenneth H. Rosen, McGraw Hill.

Course Goals: This course provides students with an introduction to the mathematical concepts fundamental to computer science.

Topics Covered (mostly if not all):

1. The Foundations: Logic and Proof

1.1 Propositional Logic

1.2 Applications of Propositional Logic

1.3 Propositional Equivalences

1.4 Predicates and Quantifiers

1.5 Nested Quantifiers

1.7 Introduction to Proofs

1.8 Proof Methods and Strategy (pp. 92-97, 99-102)

2. Basic Structures: Sets, Functions, Sequences, and Sums

2.1 Sets

2.2 Set Operations

2.3 Functions

2.4 Sequences and Summations

2.6 Matrices

4. Number Theory

4.1 Divisibility and Modular Arithmetic

4.2 Integer Representations and Algorithms

4.3 Primes and Greatest Common Divisors

6. Counting

6.1 The Basics of Counting

6.2 The Pigeonhole Principle

6.3 Permutations and Combinations

6.4 Binomial Coefficients

7. Discrete Probability

7.1 Introduction to Discrete Probability

9. Relations

9.1 Relations and their Properties

9.3 Representing Relations

9.4 Closure of Relations


Exams: 60% (mid-term 30%, final 30%, and closed book);

Quizzes: 30% (in recitation classes and closed book);

Assignment: 10%.

CIS 1166 Final:

All main campus day sections of CIS 1166 will have common final examinations from 3:30 to 5:30 PM on Tuesday, May 9.


Students with special needs: Any student who has a need for accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss the specific situation as soon as possible. Please contact Disability Resources and Services at 215-204-1280 in 100 Ritter Annex to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

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Students should also be familiar with the University statement on academic honesty.

For the last days to drop or withdraw, please check the Academic Calendar.

Recorded Lectures:

Lecture 1: goo.gl/dZzhu1

Lecture 2: goo.gl/WHpSKW

Lecture 3: goo.gl/H1gq4p

Lecture 4: goo.gl/vhyXSH

Lecture 5: goo.gl/T8LygV

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Lecture 7: goo.gl/RcfzB6

Lecture 8: goo.gl/z4bmaS      

Lecture 9: goo.gl/R7aTqX

Lecture 10: goo.gl/oeE1dm

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Lecture 12: goo.gl/bkDK14

Lecture 13: goo.gl/hP7ona

Lecture 14: goo.gl/63ipBM

Lecture 15: goo.gl/63ipBM

Lecture 16: goo.gl/hDY8EC

Lecture 17: goo.gl/54zpX2

Lecture 18: goo.gl/F7cb2H

Lecture 19: goo.gl/UgbLkc

Lecture 20: goo.gl/Z7XnF8

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Lecture 22: goo.gl/giiexB

Lecture 23: goo.gl/a7dQhE

Lecture 24: goo.gl/iK8DGY

Lecture 25: goo.gl/ouPh7a

Lecture 26: goo.gl/5Aq36e