Journal of Real-Time Image Processing

Special Issue on

Real-Time Statistical Image and Video Processing

for Remote Sensing Applications

Scheduled Publication Time: 2020/2021





Nowadays, statistical methods are widely used in different aspects of real-time Remote Sensing (RS) in underwater, ground-based, aerial and satellite applications. Statistical approaches for efficient and high performance computing in remote sensing image and video processing for real-time monitoring and surveillance are now a hot topic of research. In this special issue, the aim is to cover new advances of real-time statistical image and video processing methods in which heuristic approaches and soft computing (e.g., nature/bio-inspired optimization, neural network (fully heuristic approaches), fuzzy logic and other aspects of non-statistical artificial intelligence) are not used.


Real-time applications of statistical image and video processing involve many different challenging problems in acoustic imaging, optical sensors and passive/active radar imaging. This special issue is aimed at providing new advances of real-time statistical image and video processing in applications such as infrared imaging, multi-and hyper-spectral imaging, SAR images and Video SAR, and spectral videos. We cordially invite researchers working in these areas to make a contribution to this special issue. 


The topics of interest include:



·         Real-Time RS Image and Video Compression

·         Real-Time RS Image and Video Security

·         Real-Time RS Image and Video Communications with Data Hiding

·         Conceptualization of Real-Time RS Videos

·         Real-Time RS Image Super-resolution

·         Real-Time RS Applications of Detection and Estimation Theory

·         Real-Time RS Image Clustering and Classification

·         Real-Time Object Detection and Tracking in RS Videos

·         Combination of Statistics and Multi-resolution Transforms for Real-Time RS Image Processing

·         Real-Time Statistical Methods in RS Image and Video Coding

·         Real-Time Statistical RS Image Quality Assessment Techniques

·         Quality and Transmission Standards of RS Images and Videos for Real-Time Statistical Methods

·         Real-Time RS Image Reconstruction, Retrieval, and Restoration Based on Statistical Methods

·         Real-Time Sparse Representation and Compressed Sensing Methods for Videos

·         Real-Time Statistical RS Image Modelling and Data Sampling




Submission of manuscript: April 15, 2020


First notification: August 15, 2020


Submission of revised manuscript: October 15, 2020


Final notification: November 15, 2020


Online publication: Upon acceptance and proof check


Print publication: As per the journal publication schedule





Submitted papers should present original, unpublished work, relevant to one of the topics of the special issue. Note that there is a page limit of 12 pages (double column format). The link https://www.editorialmanager.com/rtip/default.aspx provides the Guide for Authors. Special issues are reviewed on a “fast track” basis. Prior to sending full paper submissions, it is highly recommended to query the appropriateness of submissions by sending a 100-200 word abstract to the guest editors.



Guest Associate Editors  


Mohammad Khosravi

Department of Computer Engineering,

Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran

Email: m.r.khosravi.taut@gmail.com


Pooya Tavallali

Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering,

University of California, Merced, USA

Email: ptavallali@ucmerced.edu


Alireza Jolfaei

Department of Computing,

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Email: alireza.jolfaei@mq.edu.au