Research Team

Post-Doctoral Fellows:

·         Saman Shojae Chaeikar

Macquarie University, May 2021-Jan. 2022

Topic: Advanced Persistent Threats


PhD Students:

·         Mohammad Amin Edrisi (joint supervision with Amin Beheshti)

Macquarie University, 2021-2023

Topic: Intelligent Customer Success in Banking

·         Aakansha Sharma (joint supervision with Venki Balasubramanian)

Federation University Australia, 2019-2021

Topic: Software Defined Networking for Resolving Connectivity Challenges of IoT

·         Attiq Ur-Rehman (joint supervision with Iqbal Gondal and Joarder Kamruzzaman)

Federation University Australia, 2018-2021

Topic: Vulnerability, Threat, Mitigation Modelling and Security visualisation for Hybrid Networks

·         Wendy Burke (joint supervision with Iqbal Gondal and Taiwo Oseni)

Federation University Australia, 2018-2019

Topic: Cybersecurity Indexes for eHealth



·         Mohamadali Mehrabi (joint supervision with Christophe Doche)

Macquarie University, 2019-2020

Topic: Hardware implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography based on Residue Number Systems

·         Seyed Mahmood Nematollahzadeh (joint supervision with Sadjaad Ozgoli and Mohammad Sayad Haghighi)

Tarbiat Modares University, 2019-2020

Topic: Nonlinear, Time-Variant Models for Dynamic Belief Propagation in Social Networks


Master of Philosophy Students:

·         Graeme Roger Thomas (joint supervision with Amin Beheshti)

Macquarie University, 2020-2022

            Topic: Resisting Adversarial Attacks with Quantum Machine Learning


Masters by Research Students:

·         Yi He (joint supervision with James Zheng)

Macquarie University, 2021-2022

            Topic: Protecting Vehicular and Ad Hoc Networks from Advanced Persistent Threats



·         Hamidreza (Reza) Ferdowsi (joint supervision with Amin Beheshti)

Macquarie University, 2020-2021

            Topic: Intelligent Banking Analytics

·         Usman Shahbaz (joint supervision with Amin Beheshti)

Macquarie University, 2020-2021

            Topic: Rule based Cognitive Assistance for Enterprise Risk Decisioning within an Agriculture Lending Financial Institution


Honours Students:


·         Gavan Muller

Federation University Australia, 2019

Topic: Trustworthy Machine Learning



·         Namuuntuul Bat-Erdene, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA, February to September 2019

Topic: Trustworthy Machine Learning



·         Distinguished Professor Krishna Kant, IEEE Fellow, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, August 2019

Seminar: Configuration Security in Edge Computing Environments

·         A/Professor Varun G Menon, ACM Distinguished Speaker, SCMS Group of Educational Institutions, Kerala, India, September 2019.

Seminar: Security and Privacy in the Internet of Medical Things: Current Trends and Collaboration Opportunities

·         Dr Muhammad Usman, Federation University, Ballarat, Australia, October 2019.

Seminar: Local Differential Privacy: A New Research Era for Mobile Computing