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Welcome to the November 2022 edition of the CTSoc World Newsletter. The mission of this eZine is to provide you with timely awareness and easy-to-use navigation to society resources, news, and announcements. 

Forthcoming Events




The 41st IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE 2023)




ICCE-Berlin IFA has been a great and inspiring opportunity to touch base and discuss the future of consumer, communications and information technology




Prof. Wahab Almuhtadi says "IEEE CTSoc looks forward to strengthening relationships with the International Trade Show on Consumer Electronics (IFA)"


The IEEE CTSoc and VDE will sign an MoU to strengthen collaborations

The election of the Officers of the 15 CTSoc Technical Committees has started. Those interested in volunteering should contact the current TC Officers.



Current Table of Publications Contents

NOVEMBER 2022           VOLUME 68     NUMBER 4       ITCEDA            (SSN 0098-3063)

 A Publication by the IEEE Consumer Technology Society 


Multi-Scale Exposure Fusion via Content Adaptive Edge-Preserving Smoothing Pyramids  W. Jia, Z. Song, and Z. Li

P3FA: Unified Unicast/Multicast Forwarding Algorithm for High-Performance Router/Switch Z. Jin and W.-K. Jia

Pinning Control of Complex Dynamical Networks G. Chen

The Energy Management of Multiport Energy Router in Smart Home         R. Wang, S. Jiang, D. Ma, Q. Sun, H. Zhang, and P. Wang

Deep-Learned Perceptual Quality Control for Intelligent Video Communication       X. Sun, M. Wang, R. Lin, Y. Sun, and S. S. Cheng

An Adaptive-Gain Super-Twisting Position Observer for Grid-Interfaced SRM Water Pump A. Yalavarthi and B. Singh

Boundary Guided Semantic Learning for Real-Time COVID-19 Lung Infection Segmentation System . . . . . . . . . 

.       R. Cong, Y. Zhang, N. Yang, H. Li, X. Zhang, R. Li, Z. Chen, Y. Zhao, and S. Kwong

Design Space Exploration of Practical VVC Encoding for Emerging Media Applications      J. Sainio, A. Mercat, and J. Vanne

Unsupervised Enhancement and Web Tool for Perceptually Invisible Type Degraded Image            M. Kumar and A. K. Bhandari

GiTMO: An HDR10 Compatible Generic Tone-Mapping for Real-Time Video Play  A. Siddiq, J. Ahmed, and I. R. Khan



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