Journal Editor/Guest Editor

1.      IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Special Issue on Deep Learning Models for Safe and Secure Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2019-2021 (call for paper)


2.      IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, Special Issue on Computational Intelligence for Human-in-the-Loop Cyber Physical Systems, 2019-2020 (call for paper)


3.      IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Special Issue on Security, Reliability, Privacy, and Quality in Industrial Automation and Control, 2019-2020 (call for paper)


4.      IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Special Issue on Privacy and Security in Distributed Edge Computing and Evolving IoT, 2019-2020 (call for paper)


5.      Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, Special Issue on Real-Time Statistical Image and Video Processing for Remote Sensing Applications, 2019-2021 (call for paper)